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Welcome to 2018-2019 GPTM Season

Pongal Event - 2019

Deepavali Kondatam - 2018

“Super Dancers 2018”
Kids dance competition

Come light up the Deepavali Kondattam ’18 stage with the kids group dance competition.

Offline Contests”
for the informals
*** Last date for sending your entries: October 29nd 2018 ***

We, at GPTM believe that participating in the offline events is a way of reinventing yourself. A passion for our culture and a flair for participating is all you need to experience this extravaganza. Acting, sketching, photography, dubsmash and smule contest: Come and express the creative side of yourself!

“Adult Dance performance”
The stage is yours

Whether you’re a professional, part of a team or just a bunch of cultural enthusiast .. we have this event for you !! so come and showcase what you or your team has got to entertain us.


“Venil Vizha 2018 – Thank you ALL”
Big Thanks to everyone who joined our Venil Vizha 2018 and made the event a grand success!

Summer Event - Venil Vizha 2018

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